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Linda Ballinger - Owner/Principal Interior Designer (center)
Eugene Moffit - Interior Designer/Project Manager (right)
Wendi Shannon - Interior Designer/Project Manager (top)
Sallie Saltzman - Accounts Manager (left)

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We take pride in customer satisfaction. For 35 years Ballinger Design Studio has fulfilled the needs of nearly 800 customers. We do not advertise but rely solely on referral. We listen to our clients and customize every design for every situation. We have learned a lot in the course of our years in business and the learning never stops. The design world is actively evolving and constantly changing. We keep informed of the changes by going to furniture markets, attending seminars and exchanging ideas with others. We have a variety of resources which allow us to provide the service and products that fit the design and budget for almost everyone. Working hard to create a functional and beautiful environment is a very rewarding career and it is wonderful to be part of the process of making dreams come true.

What is your project and how can we help you achieve your goals? Whether you are looking for a color for your kitchen walls, fabric for your favorite chair or starting a construction project from the ground up, we are available to provide the inspiration and guidance you deserve.
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